Monday, March 1, 2010

Prayer at dinner time.

Russ and I decided to take the kids to a hockey game Saturday night, which we all found out we truly LOVE Hockey. Little did I know that Russ had also planned to take us all out to dinner, and if you know us going out to dinner with all the kids is a rare occasion. Taking the kids out to dinner scares us half to death, we never know who is going to be the first one to blow up and make a scene, I do have to say they are getting a ton better at eating out in public. Every night at dinner we always pray, usually Conner says the prayer which we all love (he gets a little goofy every once in a while and that's ok in our book) and we have been working very hard at getting Preston to fold his hands and pray with us. Well Saturday night wasn't any different except we were at a restaurant, we placed our order, had our appetizer and then our food was brought to us. I hear Madie say, we can't eat yet and I ask her why, " Preston won't eat until we pray" which is true - our hard work has really paid off. With that being said Russ and I looked at each other not know what to do, so I went a head and said the prayer (it's a rare occasion for me to do that). Afterwards Russ and I talked about the prayer at dinner time in public, and at first we both were a little uncomfortable even talking about it and after a couple of minutes I said we shouldn't be, we are setting the example for children and really do we care what others think of us?? NO, we don't care if people stare at us or what they think of us praying over our meal, we are church going, GOD loving Christians and I am proud to say that yes we pray at dinner time and yes we will pray again in a public setting. I am so happy that we have set an excellent example for children and that they love being a part of such an awesome experience.

So, when was the last time you did something bold??