Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas 2008

So it has been a while since I posted last, hope everyone had a great Christmas and a nice New Year.

This year we went over to Wenatchee for Christmas, the trip over there was a nightmare. It took us 7hrs to get there, when it only should have taken us 5 at the most. So my loving husband drove the entire time - thank you honey! So instead of taking Stevens pass over (it scares me in the summer time I have panic attacks, could you image me driving over in the winter) so we decided to take Snoqulaime pass instead. The drive up to the summit was the worse part, with the normal snow falling there was also snow drifts (never seen one until that day) which made it impossible to see at times. We saw so many crazy drivers causing accidents it was horrible, at one point I told Russ to just take me home that we weren't going, well we keep on trucking. By the time we got the summit I was on the verge of throwing up (had the bag in hand and ready just in case), and tried to roll down my window but I couldn't (that was a terrifying moment for me) thankfully Russ was able to get it down so that I could get some fresh COLD air and I felt much better. After we took a much need potty and food break we got back on the road again. Going down the pass wasn't that bad, just ice and snow in most places the rest of the way and with a couple more pit stops we made it to Wenatchee by 3pm boy was I glad to be there.
Amanda and I made dinner, boy do we have fun doing that. Thanks Amanda for being my co-cook :)
All the kids had a great time and enjoyed all their gifts and time they got to spend with their grandparents, auntie Amanda and uncle ray.

After being there for five days it was time to go home, so know we had a decision to make which way do we go. After looking at the pass reports I made the decision to take Stevens (your heard me right) I didn't feel like spending 7hrs in the car again with four kids, and after we made it down Stevens (I slept the whole way) it wasn't too bad, next time we will just take that way there.

Happy Holidays from the deJong Family!

P.S. yes you see Preston in a blond wig, Madie got it with one of her gifts and I thought it would be cute to see how he would look as a girl :)

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Mama P said...

I know what you mean about the snow and going over the passes! There have been many a time when I sit in the back seat while CJ drives on the icy Pass roads..I have a blanket over my head and try to relax so I'm not freakin' him out too!!

Great Christmas shots, especially the one of Preston in the wig..too funny! Happy New Year! xo Penny