Thursday, December 18, 2008

Another Snowday

So I thought yesterday was bad, boy was I wrong. Last night it started to snow again at about 5ish or so, well I woke up this morning to 8-10inch of snow - yes you heard me right(for you followers in NC I haven't seen this much snow in a really long time)and it hasn't stopped snowing at all today. Right now Madie and Izaiah are out playing in it some more, I don't think they understand that it's not going anywhere for a while. Oh well I guess I will have to really rely on my wonderful husband Russ to take me places if I want to go anywhere, as I don't drive in it. We are suppose to get more snow next week, oh how that will be fun driving over the pass to visit Russ's parents for Christmas if we go I will post about our fun drive there.

Right now here are some pictures (that I just took) from today, enjoy!

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