Monday, March 23, 2009

Farewell Max

It's with a very sad heart the we had to give our dog away a couple of weeks ago. We found Max on craigslist and he seemed to be what we were looking for at the time. As time went on and with me becoming a stay at home mom I noticed that Max was becoming more and more left behind and neglected (just not being played with and loved like he should have been), needless to stay he was becoming very protective over us. With having little P home all the time and watching kids, Max spent most of his time in the garage or out side in the cold rain :(

With many weeks of debate and praying we decided it was time to list him and find him a good home. Well it only took one day on CL and we were able to find him a really nice family to take him and give him all the love and attention that he needed.

The boys took the news really well, but Madison was very heart broken and upset about it for two days. She really loved him and took care of him the most, they even slept together - which I know she misses very much. After explaining to her where he went and the type of people they were she was ok with it.

Farewell to a really great dog, we hope he is enjoying his new family.

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