Thursday, January 26, 2012


As some of you know sports are a huge part of a kids life, even more so here in this house. Izaiah is signed up to play on an AAU team for baseball this year on top of regular season and All Stars. Madie and Conner both are on a swim team right now. Madie is the only one currently competing and totally rocking at her new found sport. Two weekends ago her and I made the very long trip to Yakima ( a first for the both of us, we were a little scared to go by our selves) and she did awesome. Her relay team got first place, not sure how since they were DQ'd but who cares she got a first place ribbon.
Conner is working really hard to become a better swimmer and will hopefully be competing in a month or so.
So with three kids in sports our life is even crazier now. We are going 5 days a week with some extra activity, but the best thing is the three of them LOVE what they are doing.

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