Saturday, November 8, 2008

Halloween 08

I love and hate Halloween - I love the fact that the kids get to dress up and look so cute and when we go trick or treating they will get scared at some point in the night, which by the way they love as well. I hate the fact that they get a ton of candy and this year they did, Russ and I think they got at least 16lbs in candy (we compared the candy to how much the baby weights :) so know I get the joy of dealing with the constant "Can I have just one piece of candy" and of course depending on how the child has been that day depends on if they get a piece. If you know Russ and I we don't let our kids have the much sugar, they don't come down from the sugar high to well. So know I have to figure a way to get most of the candy out of the house with out the kids and Russ knowing this should be interesting.

This year the kids decided to go around the neighborhood rather than go to our churches Fall Festival of Funniness were we would have been nice and warm, oh well they had so much fun this year.

Here are some cute pics, enjoy * and yes you see all their candy in the bowls sitting in front of them and yes Preston fell a sleep half way through the night*

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