Monday, November 10, 2008


Do you remember the no school days as a kid? Well I do, I use to sit around and watch MTV, reruns of I Love Lucy (with my grandma) and every once in a while I would go and play with my friends or siblings. Well know that I have kids and stay home with them 24/7 I have learned that they are so creative, more creative then I ever was or will be for that fact.

I love how inventive my kids are, they will use any household item to use as a mic for their singing group or web show (that's a whole other story), or a metal bowl for a drum - you name my kids will think of some game to play.

Well with no school today or tomorrow they have invented this game called Hollywood, yes Hollywood don't ask where they came up with it or how it's played but all they seem to do is fight over who is driving the limo, yes they turned the kitchen chairs into a limo (see pics), and Madie is the Mom and Izaiah is the driver and Conner, Ryder and yes baby Preston are all pass angers in the limo.

The creative minds of children oh how you have to love them.

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Red Fred said...

crazy kids! Gotta love them! lol