Friday, November 28, 2008


This year it was our turn to have Thanksgiving at our house, and I was super excited to host it but there were a few bumps in the road this year so we went over to Russ's parents this year. The trip over was great, Preston slept the whole time, the big kids watched Shrek 3 and Russ and I talked the whole way - it was prefect drive, plus we got to see some awesome scenery the sun setting on the mountains was so beautiful.
So with Russ's mom out of commission Amanda and I were left to cook the dinner. We planned to eat at 5 o'clock since Steve(Russ's dad) had to go to work, so we took the turkey out of the fridge at about 12:45 and of course it was still a little frozen (come on we have all had this happen to us at least once) so we gave the turkey a warm bath - because we needed to eat by 5, all five of the kids were going to be starving by that time and we needed to get Steve off to work with a full belly. So while Amanda attended to all the other fixings (potatoes, yams etc...) I got to attend to the bird, so I let him soak for about half an hour and much to my surprise he was ready to go. At this point we are about an hour behind schedule getting him into the roaster (the roaster is the best invention ever) so I got the bird all ready to go, made up a special seasoning recipe and put that bird in the roaster at 2:05 and much to everyone's amazement he was done at 4:45 -yes I said the bird was done (fully cooked we checked it 3 times before we took it out) before 5 o'clock (that is why I love my roaster) I'm sure record time for anyone. The food was amazing and the dessert spread was even better.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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LittleBlueBungalow said...

You are right...what a dessert spread! Loved the Thanksgiving slide show. It is always so nice to see how everyone celebrates Thanksgiving.